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Special Structures and Equipment

Some projects require an advanced understanding of the interaction between multiple disciplines and specialties. MGA employs professionals with a broad array of engineering skills, and is capable of solving the most challenging of engineering problems.

Examples of some specialty structures that MGA has worked on can be found in projects involving rotary breakers, earth retaining structures, blast resistant structures and vibration and dynamic analysis, as well as the troubleshooting of structural behavior and construction defects.



Rotary Breakers



Foundation Analysis for Rotating Equipment



Earth Retaining Structures


Project Name:



Project Timeline:

Standard General-Acheson Rail Un-Loading Steel Bridge

ZJ Solutions

Acheson, Alberta, Canada


Project Data:

  • The permanent foundation acted as a retaining structure in addition to supporting the un-loading bridge

MGA Scope of Work:

  • Full design development, design of the temporary shoring used to excavate 8.0m below the ground level