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Aurora 2 SWQR

Project Name:



Services Provided:



Project Timeline

              Start Date: 2002

              Completion Date: 2005

Aurora 2 SWQR


ThyssenKrupp Canada

Fabrication Contract Negotiations, Shop Drawings, Fabrication Erection Supervision

Mining, Oil & Gas

Fort McMurray, Canada

On the Aurora 2 South West Quadrant Replacement ("SWQR"), located in Fort McMurray, Canada. MGA was responsible for the shop drawings and fabrication supervision related to the surge bin and two crushing plants. MGA participated in a full-plant trial assembly alongside Shinhan Machinery, who provided the crushers.

Project Data:

  • Material: Oil sands

MGA was responsible for the following items:

  • Fabrication contract negotiations

  • Shop drawings supervision

  • Fabrication erection supervision

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