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Kearl Lake Slurry Preparation Plant

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Project Timeline


              Start Date: 2008

              Completion Date: 2011

Slurry Preparation Plants, Kearl Oil Sands Project

Imperial Oil Resources Ventures Limited

ThyssenKrupp Canada

Detailed structural and architectural design, design of mechanical equipment (pump boxes, chutes etc.) and pipe stress analysis. Detailed process and plant pipe layout were carried out by ThyssenKrupp

Mining, Oil & Gas

Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Exxon Mobil Kearl Oil Sands slurry preparation plants. The project consisted of the design/construction of facilities for the conversion of the oil sands into a slurry composition. Two trains were designed with a 10,000 tph capacity each. MGA's scope of work included, structural, mechanical and piping engineering. The extent of work covers the design, fabrication and erection supervision. Located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

The purpose of the plant is to prepare ore for hydro-transport to the process plant. This process entails receiving dry crushed ore from two feed conveyors, mixing it with hot water, screening and crushing it as required and pumping it to subsequent processing units.  The building houses the following equipment: slurry pumps, pump boxes, mix boxes, chutes, vibrating screens and a secondary crusher.

MGA acted the engineer of record for the structural, mechanical and piping stress analysis. The scope of work included:

  • Preparation of the structural design criteria specification

  • Building structural analysis and detailed design

  • Design of building mechanical components (pump boxes, mix boxes, discharge chutes, etc.)

  • Equipment installation and maintenance studies

  • Piping Scope of Work:

    • Review of:

      • Project specifications and drawings

      • Piping design criteria specification

      • Line Designation Table vs. PFD's and PID's

      • Equipment Lists against PFD's and PID's

      • Equipment Lists vs. MDBM and Mechanical Design Criteria

      • Equipment Data Sheets vs. PFD's and PID's

      • Equipment Data Sheets vs. Global Practices, API and ANSI (HI) for pumps, motors and gear drives

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