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The Buildings Division

MGA is equipped to tackle the most challenging building and property designs.  We offer a full range of structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering services, battled tested on billion-dollar development projects. MGA routinely handles building layouts, civil infrastructure, foundations, including mat foundations and piles, heavy concrete work, steel structures, superstructures, and connections, masonry structures, water retaining structures including pools, and static or mobile roofs.


Our involvement is available at any and all phases of a project’s life-cycle; from concept and feasibility studies, to engineering/design, fabrication, construction oversight, and post-construction support. Typically hired as the Engineer-of-Record, MGA’s mandate is tailored to the unique needs of the Client - be it as designers, compliance consultants, simulation analysts, construction planners, and project or program managers. This way, the our capabilities can be deployed in a variety of engagements, as any combination of the following: design, procurement, construction management, design-build, and subject matter experts.

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