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The Ports Division

Seaport complexes represent some of the most intricate infrastructure projects worldwide. In the 21st century, ports serve as crucial gateways for international commerce, seamlessly connecting people, commodities, and products through integrated networks that facilitate the flow of wealth among nations. The design, construction, and continuous 24/7 operations of these ports pose demanding challenges in terms of financing, design precision, construction processes, operational efficiency, and the realization of returns on investments.

MGA collaborates with port authorities, concession operators, and ship owners to tackle material handling equipment challenges, encompassing both existing and new installations. Our expertise extends to designing comprehensive port installations, including ship loading/unloading, material transportation, storage and warehouses, as well as civil and transportation infrastructure, including rail, roads, bridges, overhead gantry systems and more.


MGA’s engagement can take a variety of forms, from concept and feasibility studies, to equipment specifications and selection, engineering and detailed design, fabrication and installation, and commissioning and certification.  Project scope can be broadened to encompass entire site installations, emphasizing the integration of equipment and surface facilities into a seamless operational network.

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