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The Ports Division

Seaport complexes are among the world’s most complex infrastructure projects.  21st century ports are the primordial gateways of international commerce, connecting people, commodities, and product across integrated networks through which transact the wealth of nations.  Their design, construction, and ceaseless operations 24/7 present exacting challenges in financing, design, building, construction, operations, and returns on investments.

MGA works with Port Authorities, concession operators, and ship owners to address material handling equipment, both new old and new.  We can design a complete port installation, including buildings, storage and warehouses, and civil and transportation installations (rail, roads, bridges, overhead gantry, etc.).


MGA’s engagement can take a variety of forms, from concept and feasibility studies, to equipment specifications and selection, engineering and detailed design, fabrication and installation, and commissioning and certification.  The scope of a project can be expanded to the site installation as a whole, with a view to integrating the equipment and the surface facilities into a cohesive operational network.

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