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American Dream Opens

MGA would like to congratulate the Ghermezian Family and Triple Five for their great success with the American Dream. Thanks to their diligence and vigilance in every regard, Triple Five has accomplished something out of the ordinary. The scope of this project is tremendous.

Dr. Sherief Sakla, MGA's Executive Vice-President, stands next to Don Ghermezian, CEO of the Triple Five Group, during the American Dream opening

The opening of the American Dream Ice Rink is a continuation of a unique vision in retail shopping that the Ghermezian Family has started more than 25 years ago. The "Rink" is an NHL-sized ice rink that is built above the American Dream Way. It links the soon-to-open Water Park to the rest of the Mall.

The Water Park of the American Dream Mall, will be North America’s largest indoor water park. At 1.5 acres, the wave pool is the largest in the world. Tons of effort, planning and man-hours went into ensuring its success. MGA is proud to be the Structural Engineers of this prestigious project.

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